Not only do we believe in dreams, but we work to make them come true

KINESIS ICO IS CLOSED. Thanks everyone who participated

What is Kinesis

Kinesis is a platform where anyone can produce audio-visual content, find tecnical or creative partners that will help you with your creation, seek sponsor or advertiser to monetize their creation. In short, empowering the average person, allowing them to materialize their imagination and develop their technical or creative skills

The word Kinesis has to do with movement / change and this is the proposal of the platform
Allowing people to move, allowing them to change their reality by having our platform as an empowerment mechanism


Be creative: use the powerful toolkit for content producers and materialize your ideas;
Better together: look for technical or creative collaborators to help you;
Dedicate yourself to create: find investors to finance the development of content, or sponsors to monetize the ready material


Here users have their favorite entertainment in the palm of the hand;
Provides content producers with innovative features to work on their creations wherever they are


Hardware totally innovative in its purpose;
The only e-reader in the market with dual screen feature;
Experience much more similar to reading a physical book

Publishing House

Kinesis Books: physical publication, with affordable costs of the books produced and/or published on the platform;
it will be common to meet someone who owns your printed book and is being sold in large bookstores

Other fantastic Things

Other incredible innovations will be presented by our research department, always with the goal of empowering people


Diego Costa

Founder, Software Engineer
12 years working with software development, having participated in projects in companies of worldwide reference as Motorola and C.E.S.A.R

Mateus Silva

Co-founder, Developer
5 years working in computer projects, collaborating in both infrastructure and software development


What matters is the quality of ideas and not the author's curriculum

Thinker Fisher

A game where the protagonist has the ability to read thoughts and the gameplay is all based on that power.

A story full of twists, innovative mechanics, deep dialogues and created by a fan for fans, this game has everything to become reference among indie games, a game of those that transcends your time.
The game script is in advanced stage of development and as soon as the Kinesis ICO is completed, the resources for the production phase will be made available to the producer

Read the Synopsis

In a world where have mental powers is normal, two babies born with sealed destiny. According to an ancient prophecy, elders believes that just born the good and the evil in a human form, being that the two would have unique and unimaginable powers. After a long discussion, they decide to take some action. Scared that de council decide to kill the child's or take other extreme action, the parents flee of the village and go live in a security place, away of human intrusion.
Years pass and what the ancients feared happen: one of the children down awake a malefic power. It happens while they are training workday with your parents to learn control your skills... In a fury attack, he “kills” your parents and try without success do the same with your brother. Perplexed by cannot destroy your brother, he goes away and ensure go back to spread the chaos on the world and “finish that cannot terminate in that day”

Some words from the creator My name is Thiago, Irving Thiago. In 94 when I was 8 years old, my father came home with a huge package.
When opening I came across what would become for the rest of my life my favorite pastime... I can still smell my Super Nes. Despite having started my life gamer with fights games in the arcade, It was in Snes that I met other genres...In order to always finish a game that I started, it was kind of normal to create a great repertoire of games in my mind. When I was 15 years old I wrote a "script" of a game where i tried to leave the most original and innovative possible. Behold, many years later the idea reappears with the challenge of updating some things, but without touching the essence of the original idea 15 years ago, which has as main objective to please those who like a good dose of challenge and mystery


A totally innovative way of communicating, an application where what is important is what you see and always enjoy the moment as time does not stop

About the Creators

Thiago Barreto, UI designer and illustrator, has been in the market for over 8 years. Proposes ideas that unite people through technology in an easy way, taking them out of the monotonous routine
Adonis Felipe, UI/UX designer, has worked for 9 years in technology companies. Uses innovation as a means to solve society's problems and make the world a better place to live


A distopic world where lying is impossible, since all have the "gift" of the telepathy. Feel overwhelmed in this harrowing world where you will experience shocking moments (ebook format)


He was destined to be a witness to the death of Jesus. As a reward he received the gift of seeing things beyond the material world and also the most powerfull weapon already created: a the spear of the destiny. Follow the journey of this figure little mentioned in the sacred writings, but that holds the destiny of the world in your the hands

What If

A web series that tackles the adventures of a young man who accidentally invents the time machine. Passionate about history and full of good intentions, he travels in time with the aim of making small modifications in the history of humanity, avoiding historical events that are the root of some of the current problems

Pilot episode
Corruption, crisis and little hope of improvement. This is the current situation in Brazil, a country with abundant resources and free from natural disasters. Trying to change the reality of this land so promising, the protagonist returns to the year 1500 as a way to try to cut the evil by the root: the discovery.

The episode begins with the protagonist in the sea, pushing Cabral's caravels back to the ocean. This first episode unfolds in flashbacks going back and forth, showing the future, how he created the time machine, the first trip, talking about the problems of corruption in the country, the precarious infrastructure, the problem of the Brazilian way of solving the things and the relation of this with the discovery by the Portuguese who only sent "good people" to colonize it and how the country could be a paradise if it were not these ills since Brazil does not suffer from natural catastrophes and has abundant resources in nature. At the same time, they are shown their adventures in the year 1500 doing everything to prevent Cabral from landing.

The series has a comic character and at the same time will present the historical context of the current problems of the world. Teaching and entertaining at the same time, time travel will only be a backdrop to teach history and at the same time make people think about the problems we face today


KNES Token

Why ICO ?

The sale of tokens was chosen as a method to raise funds for the development of the platform for several reasons:

Reach - An ICO enables to reach people from all over the world, making it possible for anyone to take part in an extremely innovative and promising business, which goes well with the startup philosophy, which is to empower the common people

Return of investiment - Investors can at any time after receiving the tokens acquired, sell them in a exchange with possibility of gain with the initial valuation of the same, or hold them waiting for the development of the platform, thinking about the long-term gains or the unique rewards offered by the platform for KNES token holders

Token Amount

100.000.000 kNES

KNES for ICO sale

99.500,000 (99,5%)

KNES for crowdsale

500.000 (0,5%)

Check the information about KNES tokens in the Waves block explorer

Accepted Currencies






20% of the total amount of KNES

Funds Distribution

For more information, see the white papper

Why Participate ?

Tokens Valuation

According to the roadmap presented, the platform will be available as soon as possible, so assets are expected to gain value as news is presented

We are entering into partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges, so that the assets are available for trading as soon as possible, remembering that immediately after the distribution of the tokens to the investors they can be traded on Waves Dex Exchange

In addition, with the launch of the first works financed by the platform, the interest for the tokens should grow as these will directly or indirectly promote and divulge the brand kinesis


Unique experiences will be offered only to KNES Tokens holders after Kinesis platform launch. Among these, there will be closed events only for KNES Tokens holders(parties, autograph sessions with authors, action figures, virtual and interactive participation in creative meetings, early access to content, among others), exclusive versions of physical products and discounts for acquisitions on the platform using KNES as payment


Going beyond money: we want to offer investors unique experiences, so during the initial offer, exclusive rewards will be distributed to the first participants who obtain certain quantities of KNES

The first investors will be awarded the possibility to participate or give someone with participation in the works resulting from our first partnerships


The first three investors to acquire 1.000.000,00 KNES tokens will gain a visit to the headquarters of Kinesis, in addition to putting their names on the startup memorial, in the place destined to the founders. Will also be invited to participate, as representatives of the Kinesis platform at some of the major launch events of the Thinker Fisher (events like E3, Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show)

Mind Fisher

The first investor to acquire 600.000,00 KNES tokens or someone nominated by him will be the protagonist of the game Thinker Fisher. The character's features, clothes used and some other attributs will be based on the person's real attributes, who will actively participate in the construction of the hero of the game besides having his name in a prominent place in the credits

Reverse Mind Fisher

The first investor to acquire 400.000,00 KNES tokens or someone nominated by him will be the antagonist of the game Thinker Fisher. of the game Thinker Fisher. The character's features, clothes used and some other attributes will be based on the person's real attributes, who will actively participate in the construction of the hero of the game besides having his name in a prominent place in the credits


The first five investors to acquire 100.000,00 KNES tokens will be characters in the book Omniscient, plus each write his dedication and thanks which will be included in the final version of the book


The first three investors to acquire 20.000,00 KNES tokens will have appearances and mentions in the work Loginus, plus each write his dedication and thanks which will be included in the final version of the book

I was there

The first hundred investors to acquire 10.000,00 KNES tokens will receive exclusive t-shirts


We are negotiating with the What if producer a reward for this work

How to Participate ?

To participate on the Kinesis ICO, first it is necessary to register here.

The registration is simple, and only the name, email address and Waves address where you will be sending (your KNES tokens will be sent to that address) is required to Waves investors. In the case of investment with currency other than Waves, the address where you will be sending should be informed and also the Waves address where you wish to receive your KNES Tokens. So just send the chosen cryptocurrency to the corresponding address that will be indicated in the communication channels of the platform.

You must have access to the informed email since everything information will be sent to this, besides that will be the contact form for delivery of the rewards

The minimum amount of KNES that can be acquired is ten, where the value of each KNES = USD 0,31

Important: do not send Tokens from Exchange addresses or you will lose your investiment
Important 2: Add the Kinesis platform emails as trusted in your email provider,, and

Keep Calm, we will not send you spam and we will not share the data you have registered. They will only be used for information during the ICO period and for contacting the winners of the rewards. They will be deleted as soon as the tokens are distributed

Investing with Waves

If you do not have an Waves address, you can either download the client for your machine here (search for the latest version of the file waves-lite-client-mainnet-v0.) or access the online wallet here . Then the following screen will be displayed:

Click on New Account. Then you will see important information about creating accounts on Waves Platform. Read carefully and click on I Understand

Then a screen containing the Wallet Seed (15 word in English) for the new Wallet to be created (store the Seed in a safe place, it is necessary to access your wallet and in case you lose it you will lose your Tokens), a field where the name of the Wallet should be informed (to facilitate identification) and a field where a password must be entered and repeated in the field below

After entering the wallet name and password, click register and the Waves Platform main page will be displayed. At the top, the address of your wallet is displayed, and this address is what should be informed in the ICO registration form. .
Just click on it and it will be copied to clipboard. After that, simply paste the address copied into the ICO registration form and fill in the fields intended for name and email.

You should get some Waves to send them to ICO address.
The acquisition can be made either at the Waves Platfom or on Exchanges that offer Waves Token trading like Bittrex, but in this case again remembering that funds should not be sent directly from Exchange address

Investing with Other cryptocurrency

The processes to invest with other coins (Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Litecoin) it is similar to invest with Waves. Choise your preferred wallet , create an account on Waves platform as previously described. On the registration form of the Kinesis ICO, enter the address from which you will send Tokens (so we can identify your investment) and the Address of your Waves Wallet (we'll use this address to send your KNES Tokens)
Note: If you are investing with Bitcoin or Ether, you can use Waves Platform as Wallet, because it has an gateway for these assets

Be among the first

Publish your work

We seek and we will to sponsor authors that create and publish works with a focus on education or that teach problem solving (such as repairing broken equipment)

We also look for fiction authors who want to create and publish works to expand the universe of H.P Lovecraft

Other ideas are also welcome

The chosen works will be financed by Kinesis and will be exposed in a prominent place on the platform

Are you interested ?


Help people with a bit of personal interest

In order to promote the basic proposal of the startup where people come first will be developed some social projects that aims to inspire people to be creative and express themselves and at the same time seek great talents lost in the crowd

Small and talented

The startup will be present in schools (especially in communities with large concentrations of people with low income) and will promote events, debate, workshops, biennials, fairs, courses and training on various topics such as creative writing, creation of fantastic worlds, literary training, languages and programming logic, design thinking among other cultural events, as a way to encourage and teach children and adolescents from an early age to develop their creativity, tell stories, create worlds and who knows how to find someone as a good story to tell, discover a new talent or plant a seed that can make great difference in someone's future

Kinesis XP

Many years of life mean many stories to tell. The elderly population has gradually increased following a worldwide trend, and in many cases, elderly people are considered unfit to perform any type of work.Anyone who has ever visited an asylum, boarding school or nursing home must have listened to dozens of stories of loneliness, abandonment and sadness of people who have contributed and still have much to contribute to society. Since older people love to talk, let's give them the opportunity to tell us about the adventures of their lives. The startup will have a permanent project that will focus on the production of events and visits in nursing homes and other places where you can find people with lots of life and plenty to say

Culture for all

Will be disclosed an annual calendar with events such as biennials fairs and debate tables in small towns where access to culture is scarce and limited. Part of the violence and criminality that currently has also affected inner cities occurs because of young people who do not have access to culture and leisure, which is a facilitator for the world of drugs and crime. We hope that these events inspire and instigate creativity in people who have little access to culture and encourage creativity


It does not matter where you came from or where you are. The important thing is where you want to arrive